Campari Soda Qeeboo Logo
The new “Design Connection” conceived by Qeeboo  and Campari Soda is presented on the occasion of 2023 Milan Design Week. The  collaboration features four extraordinary creations, resulting from the union of seemingly different and distant objects: the Giraffe In Love and Sweet Brother Tom lamps, the Turtle Carry Drinks vase/glacette, and the iconic Rabbit.

Turtle Carry Drinks Cooler

Designed by Marcantonio
Qeeboo Turtle Carry Drinks cooler carries a holder on its carapace. Containing ice, the holder will keep Campari Soda bottles fresh to celebrate the collaboration between the two brands.
Designed by Marcantonio
Giraffe in Love M Indoor is a 2.65 meters high giraffe lamp. It has been revisited and it is now holding a chandelier made with Campari Soda iconic bottles. Bold and elegant, she is naturally the centre of attention of any location
Designed by Stefano Giovannoni, Pattern by Alice Hoffmann
The iconic Qeeboo rabbits are in this case decorated with graphics by illustrator Alice Hoffmann. The stylistic features of the pattern are represented by bright colors and inspired by the recognizable Campari Soda bottle.
Designed by Stefano Giovannoni
This Sweet Brother is called Tom and in the collaboration with Campari Soda, it has been revisited with the brand’s colour and logo. Tom characterizes the table and every corner of the house.